Saturday, 18 November 2017

Decoding The Basics: 3 Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman - Custom-Made Clothes

1. The little black dress: is traditional to a woman’s DNA. From the moment of its conception by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s to its modernization in the early 2000’s by Donna Karan, this basic is the most powerful feminine tool available to a woman in any age. Today the little black dress plays the role of a support to any and every trend that finds its way into the ever-changing fashion market. It can be sporty, elegant, punk, grunge or any other style you want it to be. With the trend of layering on the rise, the chicest way to layer the little black dress is to combine it with another basic. For those of you that love black, pair this basic with black flared pants in a soft fabric and a classic black blazer for a look that is utterly professional and at the same time stylish. If you prefer a more classic approach, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn by styling your little black dress with multiple strings of pearls and a messy top knot for a elegant yet fashion forward look.
2. The white shirt: is the first ever women’s wardrobe basic that is borrowed from the boys. It is a constant that has been the focal point of androgynous style from the moment it was proposed to audiences through to 1960’s supermodel Twiggy. Since then it has become a way to express multiple personal styles. Be it the rock icon Pattie Smith, the innocence of Baby in Dirty Dancing or the typically European style of Jackie Kennedy. The white shirt today is a symbol of refinement, simplicity and elegance. Bring on your Grace Kelly aesthetic by wearing your white shirt knotted over a long dress with simple glossy lips, or pair it with a pair of ripped black denims and vintage suspenders for an old school rock chic look. If the corporate world is your place to be, always remember that the white shirt is your most powerful tool as it is the base to any and every outfit you compose. Continue...

Monday, 13 November 2017

Best Tips To Embrace The Monday Blues – Custom-Made Clothes

There's nothing quite like the gloominess of going back to work on Monday after a fun weekend, but here's a tip to conquer the Monday blues. Embrace it! 
This Monday embrace the many different hues of blue in your workwear.

1. The Basic: Pair a soft baby blue top with a work suit of your choice to channel your feminine side and add an electric blue scarf to the mix for a chic yet powerful look.

2. The Monochrome: This is a look that can never steer you wrong. Take any blue top inside a dark blue tailleur with blue accessories in different shades and you've a simple yet trendy look that can't be competed with.

3. The Blue Lady: For a perfectly elegant look, choose a minimalistic blue dress that accentuates you body type and personality and pair it with a light colored blazer and and brightly colored bag and shoes like a chili red or lemon yellow to brighten your mood even further than a steaming mug of coffee.

Samshék is an exciting International designer wear online fashion shop which, offers ready-to-wear or customised western clothing to one’s own style. It allows customer to customise the dress length, neckline, sleeve length, fabric and colour. The price remains same for the same or customised design and delivery is done within 5 days in India, UK and USA.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

5 Ways To Elevate Your Basic Denims With Online Custom-Made Tops

1. French It: Pair your old basic denims with the a typically French striped shirt and short neck scarf for an instantly Parisian look.

2. The Vogue: Take a note out of the fashion editors style book and wear your denims with a crisp white shirt, tucked in on one side and pair it with the ever reliable black ankle boots for an effortlessly chic style.

3. Street-Star: Grab everybody's attention the street style way by styling your favorite denims with a long colored shirt and cinching in your waist with multiple slim belts.

4. Power Woman: Elevate your denims to an office worthy power look by pairing them with an all black look consisting of shirt, blazer, pumps and minimalist accessories for a chic yet strong corporate look.

5. Candy Pop: Play your denims the candy way by pairing them with a bright yellow top and a small bright blue or red bag for a look that is bound to leave the best possible impression on any day.

Samshék is an exciting International designer wear online fashion shop which, offers ready-to-wear or customised western clothing to one’s own style. It allows customer to customise the dress length, neckline, sleeve length, fabric and colour. The price remains same for the same or customised design. The delivery of the chosen items anywhere in India is between 3 to 5 days from placing an online order. At the moment, Samshék is selling in India and the USA.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Samshék | Red Cafe: The Fashion Trend For Every Women

The Red Effect:
Chili, brick, burgundy or maroon. There isn’t a doubt in any fashion-loving, trend-setting, style-obsessed person’s mind that RED is the color of the millennials. Its no secret that anything red is instantly attention grabbing, be it a billboard advertisement or those classic Christian Louboutin red soled pumps. Even as I write this article, seated at Princi Café in Moscova, Milano, each passer by has one form or the other of a red accent, be it the old man with the bright red tie or the Balenciaga obsessed fashion student in the carrot colored oversized sweatshirt. It’s all about RED.
It’s no wonder that Red is known as the color of the bold and sensual character. Armani and Saint Laurent do it with fur, while Chanel does it with tweed, Marc Jacobs does it in a sporty style and Jil Sander does it minimally chic. No matter the fabric, no matter the shade, it is the accent most prominent of all that European fashion is about. The red statement is not just about fashion it is a statement made through home décor and architecture as well. Old brick walls, a red chandelier in an all white room, or even a red frame for an Andy Warhol painting, the image you portray in your home is the reflection of your personal style.
So, even if your personal style is minimalist and earthy, adding a fiery red tone to your home or ensemble can make all the difference. A simple red color-blocked scarf tied around the waist of a subtle white day dress not only keeps you trendy, but at the same time is a body flattering makeshift belt. If the cinched in waist is not your way to go, bring out your inner bohemian by using the same scarf as a bandana with a French braid, or tie it around your wrist as an accessory to your look.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Women's Striped Street Style with Samshék

Stripes For Days - An insider tip into styling by someone that is neither tall nor slim but always looks like it. It's all in the illusion of the stripes. Choose clothing with vertical stripes to elongate your body and it'll seem like you've got legs for days. Choose stripes that are thin and placed closely together and you've slimmed down your body by illusion to everyone's eyes. Celebrate your feminine side by customising the outfit that reflects your style. Samshék provides online customised clothing delivered within 5 days in India, the UK and the USA and share your look by tagging @samshek.unicorn on instagram.

What to Wear For Party Night Out? - Samshek

Can't hold in the excitement to party this weekend?? But what do you do when you don't have the perfect outfit?? Samshék embraces the fashion popularism that inspires and creates trends that appeal to the modern consumer. Samshék recognizes that not all customers fit the mainstream retail clothing offerings, but rather seek the clothing that better suits their body size and shape, mood, character, style, and temperament. With Samshék’s clothing customisation option and timely delivery, the customer's wonderful lifestyle and fashion desires can now become a reality.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Off White Coat Dress | Amazing Fit Yet So Chic - Samshék

That's what everyone says! Yes Samshék is all about customisation with an amazing look. Samshèk's new collection is arrived to glam up every girl's wardrobe. This "coatdress" is a timeless outfit. Various looks can be created, Such as:

  • Semi formals

All you need is a little bit of push to start Monday morning right. You should be up with the sun and ready to take over the week with a zing! This look has been created with a semi-formal LBD and a pair of black glares. To make it look more très chic, a pretty handbag is carried and hair is locked in a French bun or left straight open.

  • Punk

Samshék's outfits will take you from day to date night with its off-duty looks and full-on glamour. A leatherette top is paired up with a pair of black jeggings and a white coat over it. Black cap absolutely completes the look. This will surely solve your what to wear dilemmas in seconds.

  • Street wear

With an experimental and fearless approach to design, "Pretty in punk" has been created. Fishnets have been paired up with a pair of black denim shorts and a top. To enhance the look, dark make-up is done.

  • Technical description
  • The finish of the fabric is woven and is of off white colour. 
  • Product type: Coatdress.
  • The size can be customized according to your vitals. 
  • Side seam with pockets with 6-fabric button closure in the Front. 
  • The collar of the garment is notched 
  • Made in India. 
  • Care should be done as according to the label details. 

Samshék is an exciting International designer wear online fashion shop which, offers ready-to-wear or customised western clothing to one’s own style. It allows customer to customise the dress length, neckline, sleeve length, fabric and colour. The price remains same for the same or customised design. The delivery of the chosen items anywhere in India is between 3 to 5 days from placing an online order. At the moment, Samshék is selling in India and the USA.